About the reef

Though the Caribbean isles are well known to outsiders, Caribbean cuisine remains a hidden gem. Uncover the edible treasure of the tropics with our eclectic Caribbean fare and drinks.
The Reef’s menus sparkle with the potential of lunch, brunch and dinner plates inspired by the styles and tastes of the Caribbean. Menu selections showcase flavourful West Indian curries , served vegetarian or with a choice of chicken or goat. For dinner, the Kingston quesadilla envelops either jerk chicken or tofu, peppers, melty cheddar, and refried beans, and the coco prawns roll around in toasted coconut before putting on a cool minted avocado yoghurt ski-bunny costume.

Vibrant colours, tropical plants, and kitschy signs bring you back to days spent skipping geometry in Caribbean boarding school, creating a casual, fun atmosphere for patron inhalation. The friendly and personable staff keeps the vibe upbeat, even when jerk seasonings rub off on the back-talking forks and napkins.

Catch Azul every Sunday for live music Slo Mo Sunday brunch, 12 - 3pm. https://t.co/6WuigwmiI9 https://t.co/CtU5hqnRoo

The holidays are coming up fast. Why not take care of some gifts the next time you're at The Reef? Gift... https://t.co/1DUFvZ0c8G


Parkbench Interview with Simon & Liz About The Reef Restaurants

Long time childhood friends and co owners Liz de Mata and Simon Cotton tell you all about the history of the Reef restaurants and food trucks. The trials and tribulations of starting a restaurant is an eye opener! http://parkbench.com/canada/britishcolumbia/vancouver/commercialdrive/blog/interview-with-simon-cotton-and-liz-be-mata-co-owners-of-the-reef-restaurant-one-of-the-best-caribbean-restaurants-in-mount-pleasant-commercial-drive-and-inner-harbour

Main Street Vancouver

4172 Main Street, Vancouver
T: 604-874-JERK(5375)
Mon - Fri - 11 am - til late
Sat - Sun - 10 am - til late

Commercial Drive Vancouver

1018 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
T: 604-568-JERK(5375)
Mon - Fri - 11 am - til late
Sat - Sun - 10 am - til late

Yates Street Victoria

533 Yates Street, Victoria
T: 250-388-JERK(5375)
Mon - Fri - 11:30 am - til late
Sat - Sun - 10:30 am - til late

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