Meet the Reef Staff

the reef jamaican restaurant staff

Ms. Paulette

Miss Paulette or as we like to call her Miss P., has been with the Reef restaurants since the beginning. She’s the prep cook/mother of our Main St. kitchen for almost 15 years. Her picture even adorns the jars of our Reef Jerk sauce. Born in Jamaica, she learned to cook from home economics and her mom. Miss P. is a wiz at making our curries and jerk chicken. Her favorite ingredient are scotch bonnet peppers and her favorite dish is ackee and saltfish, Jamaica’s national dish and featured on our menu. Miss P’s cheerful spirit brightens up our Main St. kitchen and helps lend a fun family spirit to The Reef.

Collin Dawkins

Collin is our newest executive chef and got into cooking at “cook shops” (small fast food take out joints) in Jamaica while going to school. He started catering in Kingston and after cooking school in Miami went to work for various large resorts and hotels in Florida. Collin is now at The Reef after various stints in BC catering. You’ll find him running between our Commercial and Main St. locations in addition to cooking for our catering services.

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